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"The Money Box" This extraordinary tool sharpens strike accuracy, eye coordination, and great for angle shots.  Also acts as a sparing partner while fine tuning your counter defense strategy. "The Money Box" from the Money Round Boxing League... We are looking to put 20,000 Boxers to work monthly. 
Fight whenever you want, no more waiting  for opponents, keep 80% of your purse, no unnecessary promoters fees that steal your money, no more big network deals that cut into your earnings, we will offer a league pension plan,  and fight in any city whereever there is a franchise 
Money Round Boxing League is located.  We have form stratgic partnerships with 26 states and counting.

Finally a real league that will take care of Professional Boxers better than the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC or any professional league that's in existence today.  CAREER BUILDER, STEADY INCOME, FIGHT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, EARN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.  We launch Sept 24th, & 23rd Brockton, Massachusetts @ THE ROX STADIUM,  Home of Rocky Marciano & Marvin Hagler...... All boxers can register at The has been sleeping but its time we wake them up!! "In This League Money Talks"

Money Round is Coming!

Money Round Boxing League is out to change the fight game for good. Make no mistake, this is the real deal! With exciting twists on the rules of boxing, a compelling tournament model, and a focus on exposure and fair pay for all fighters, Money Round has the formula to return the storied sport of boxing back to the glory it deserves. With a prototype event in production for 2017, and a full scale roll-out to the world in 2018, we’re doing our part. Now, we need you!

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to keep up to date about the latest developments (Trust us, this is going to be huge!). Please consider signing up for the Money Round eblast. Sign up here.

And if you’re a boxer, join the cause and register!

Fighter Registration

We’re looking for a few good fighters…make that, all good fighters. This is your chance to enter the fight game and earn a fair paycheck. For once, it’s not about the Mayweathers and Paquiaos of the world, this is about you—the tireless, passionate and deserving fighter looking for a fair shot.

Send in your application and get in on the ground floor. There are no strings attached, this is just the first step in the rest of your boxing life. Get it!

Boxer Registration

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